The Targabot has 8 on-board modes of operation. Modes are invoked using the selector knob on the I/O panel.  Modes 1 and 2 are more introductory in nature, but offer unpredictability along the entire 180 degree arc, along with versatility. Modes 3 & 4 are optimized for doorway, window and shoot house deployments. Mode 5 was configured for sniper engagements. Modes 6 and 7 are exceedingly unpredictable and challenging. Mode 8 offers direct, real time movements via the remote control.  Each mode has difficulty ramping capability using the ROCR and POPR controls on the I/O panel.

However, we wanted our users to have the ability to create their own operational modes using a simple, intuitive interface. So, all Targabot users receive a free app called the "Graphic Sequencer" that allows them to create their own movement sequences using an easy GUI rather than customary robotic programming codes and protocols.



Simply click on or touch the target on the screen, move it in a pattern that you like, then upload your “Mode” to the Targabot via the included USB cable.  All robots in the future could be this easy to program for autonomous operation (with our help).  Later, the GUI will offer user-selectable layers of randomness and AI responsiveness.

SSgt. Jaime Vega at the US Marine Corps Weapons Training Battalion, Quantico, recently told me "we like the built-in modes, but we needed to crank the bot up; we're Marines.  We look at the Sequencer as an essential component." 

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