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Dedicated to training the thinking shooter


"The Targabot System is an integral part of our advanced firearms training skills courses and has had phenomenal impact on our students, by reinforcing fundamental skills and accuracy, and triggering decision making processes.  Best purchase we've made in years."
Randy Watt
President, SRW, Inc.

"I really think you have the right product for the times."
Lt. Dennis O’Brien
Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department

"[The Targabot] is fun and engaging which is actually an underlying 'ingredient' for successful training. If a student is engaged in a drill, wants to do their best or has an internal motivation to master a skill - that is where actual learning takes place. That is the part of the brain we try to reach that causes students to 'revert to their training' on a subconscious level. We can’t get there if a student is just going through the motions, i.e., not engaged."
Captain Shawn Lawhorn
Allen County Sheriff’s Department, Special Operations

"Targamite has been wonderful to work with, and I have never enjoyed a better service/support experience. I appreciate the time and patience the company’s staff gave me to get oriented to its equipment and place orders. I will be your biggest fan in this part of the world, and I look forward to a long relationship with Targamite. My observation is that 'unpreparedness' is what gets people injured or killed, so LE and the public will be safer for having the level of training your equipment makes possible."
G.J. Smith    

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