The TARGABOT® is the world’s first portable, battery operated, live-fire moving target that is designed to behave unpredictably, like real threats in the real world.

By adding portability, robotics, and heightened realism to small arms training, this leading-edge target platform offers the modern-day warfighter, law enforcement officer, security official, and tactical/competitive shooter an altogether new dimension of challenge and engagement.

Efficiently and economically, the TARGABOT improves 1) marksmanship accuracy and 2) real-time threat/no threat, shoot/no shoot decision making, both of which translate into increased confidence and effectiveness when under stress in the field. Subject matter experts have determined that a shooter’s skill and discernment are demonstrably improved through training on the TARGABOT.

A highly versatile solution for firearms training, the TARGABOT is an all-weather system that can be used indoors and outdoors, as well as in shoot houses, inside/around motorized vehicles, on boats and ships, or on mobile ranges. It is caliber agnostic and can accommodate both standard and customized targets — like bullseyes, heads, torsos, thermals, or laser pads — and takes only minutes to integrate into existing ranges and training scenarios.

AC or battery-operated (over 6-hour runtime) and lightweight (20.5 lbs.), the TARGABOT comes with 8 factory modes of operation, each with individualized difficulty ramping capabilities. The trainer may also direct the system real time by remote control (1,000-meter rating) or simply program any autonomous scenario he/she imagines, with our user-friendly Graphic Sequencer App.

Powerful add-on features in development include hit detection (audible and/or light strobe hit reporting) and networked artificial intelligence-driven behavior (dynamic aggressiveness and avoidance characteristics), both of which will add an unprecedented level of "reality" to live-fire training.

TARGABOT Functional Overview

  • Up & Down or 180° Rotational Movement or COMBINATIONS OF BOTH FUNCTIONS
  • Lightweight for One-Person Portability; Two Units Can Easily Fit in the Trunk of a Car
  • Autonomously or Remote Controlled out to 1000m
  • Battery or AC Powered
  • Caliber and Target Size Agnostic
  • Random Target Movement Closely Reflects Unpredictable Field Conditions
  • Pre-Programmed with 8 Onboard Modes of Operation
  • User Programmable via an Included Point-and-Click Graphic Sequencer
  • Equipped with Randomness, Rate, and Difficulty Ramping Controls
  • Real-Time Remote Controllable by the Trainer, Trainee, or Spotter
  • Easy to Set-Up, Integrate, and Re-Position in Existing Training Environments
  • Low Price — the Same Cost as Many Static Steel Targets
  • Unbelievably Engaging and Challenging (plus Fun!) Moving Shooting Target

TARGABOT Graphic Sequencer Interface

TARGABOT Graphic Sequencer Interface

TARGABOTS Offer Trainers & Shooters:

  • A New Dimension of Challenge to Training through User-Programmable Robotics
  • A Reduction of Time Allocated to Developing Marksmanship and Small Arms Skills
  • Enhancement of Live-Fire Predictive Engagement and Marksmanship Capabilities
  • Dramatic Improvement in Rapid Threat/No Threat Discernment & Acquisition Effectiveness
  • Random Switching between "Good Guy" / "Bad Guy" / "Hostage" Targets
  • Training to Avoid Tunnel Vision and Improve Situational Awareness
  • Complex, Variable Movement Sequencing within a Small Footprint
  • Difficulty and Complexity Ramping to Accommodate Individual User Progress and Pacing                          
  • User Programmability and Simulation (via an Included Point-and-Click Graphic Sequencer)
  • Wireless Remote Control Options (Real-Time Sequencing by the User or Trainer)
  • Adaptability and Ease-of-Use to Accommodate Different Training Requirements
  • Networking of Multiple Units to Create Complex Training and Rehearsal Scenarios
  • Portability (Only 20.5 lbs. – One-Person Deployable)
  • Long-Range Control Capability for the Sniper and Designated Marksman
  • Compatibility with All Commonly Used Paper Target Formats
  • Compatibility with All Small Arms Live-Fire, SESAM, and SRTA Training Ammunition
  • Compatibility with Laser Hit Sensing Systems
  • Battery or AC Power
  • Adaptors for Hanging TARGABOTS behind Standard AR Steel Targets and Other Barriers

TARGABOT Deployment Versatility

  • Maximizing Unpredictability, the TARGABOT is Easily and Quickly Deployed:
    • Close In or Far Down Range
    • In Urban Operations (UO) Training Environments
    • In Combined Arms Collective Training Facilities (CACTFs)
    • In Shoot Houses
    • Indoors or Outdoors; Good or Foul Weather
    • Behind Barriers, around Corners, or opposite Doorways
    • Inside/Around Motorized Vehicles and on Boats & Ships
  • Readily Capable of Creating Complex Training Scenarios with Multiple TARGABOTS
  • The TARGABOT Chassis Requires Only a Protective Cover, Approximately 14”W x 16”H x 3/8”T
  • Exposed Armature Shafts and Mounts Are Designed to Be Shot and Easily Replaced

TARGABOT Add-on Options Available Soon:

  • Hit / Miss Detection, with Audio Steel or Vocal Sound Reporting
  • User / Trainee Data Collection
  • Hit Audio Reporting, with Steel or Human Vocal Sound Effects
  • Miss Audio Reporting, with Return Gunfire Sound Effects
  • Audio Vocal Taunting (Multi-Lingual) When Targets Are Presented
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) – Adaptive Aggressiveness and Evasiveness
  • Parallel Real World Live-Fire and 3D Virtual Reality Sim Training Arenas

Targabot® BackTargabot® InsideCU of Targabot Control Panel


TARGABOT Package Contents

1 Wireless Remote (TM-S04)
1 12V Battery Charger/Maintainer (TM-S03)
1 12V Battery (TM-S02)
6 Target Shaft (TM-D17)
6 Target Mount Adaptor (TM-D22)
6 Target Mount (TM-D23)
6 Target Backing - 12" x 12" (TM-D29) (Larger Size Backing Available)
6 Paper Bullseye Targets (TM-S14)
1 Box of Binder Clips - 12 Pack (TM-S13)
1 USB Cable - User PC to TARGABOT (TM-S07)
1 Quick Reference Guide (TM-S12)
1 Target Assy Instruction Sheet (TM-S15)


Main Chassis 14.75"H x 11.75"W x 7"D
Carton #1 Size (TARGABOT with Accessories) 18"L x 16"W x 16"H
Carton #2 Size (Armature Shafts) 37"L x 3"W x 3"H
Main Chassis 20.5 lbs.
Carton #1 Gross Weight 28 lbs.
Carton #2 Gross Weight 3 lbs.
Wall Input Source 110 VAC
Battery Output 12 VDC
Battery Pack Capacity 5.0-5.5 AH (12 VDC Sealed Lead Acid)
Charge Time 1-4 Hrs. (Depends Upon Existing Charge Level)
Run Time (Avg.) 5-6 Hrs. Continuous (Depends Upon Mode, Target Weight, and Exterior Temp/Conditions)
Arc Sweep 180 Degrees
Max. Extended Arc Dia. 76" (From Top of Target Backing)
Min. Retracted Arc Dia. 42" (From Top of Target Backing)
Data I/O USB 2.0 Cable B Female
Warranty One (1) year parts and labor