L.A. County Sheriff's Department

"As an instructor for my units long rifle program and school, I am continuously searching for updated equipment, techniques and training aids. My unit's school puts significant focus on tactical decision making as well as mechanical skill. The Targabot provided us with a tool that allowed instructors to create decision making scenarios that closely replicated the unpredictability, speed and variety of human movement found on actual SWAT operation. We were able to control the exposure location, time and movement of the target while feeding the long rifles updated scenario information. This target system is absolutely invaluable as part of a comprehensive long rifle training program. There is a palpable difference between shooting small groups on paper at 100 yards and dealing with an rapidly moving target that flickers in and out of exposure with unpredictable patterns offset 10' behind glass. The closer to reality we can train our long rifles the greater chance of success in field deployments. The Targabot is an essential tool to provide realistic training to any long rifle program."

Dep. J. M.
Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department
Special Enforcement Bureau (SEB)

Special Tactical Training Services

"The Targabot System is an integral part of our advanced firearms training skills courses and has had phenomenal impact on our students, by reinforcing fundamental skills and accuracy, and triggering decision making processes.  Best purchase we've made in years."

Randy Watt
President, SRW, Inc.

Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department

“I really think you have the right product for the times”

Lt. Dennis O’Brien
Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department

World Champion Shooter

“This is the first target system that develops rapid target acquisition skills, which have become a primary focus in the tactical training context. It really tests and strengthens your vision skills, so that you stay hot on the target and can make your shot in that brief opportunity window, when it counts.”

Jerry Miculek
World Champion Competitive Shooter

Insight Firearms Training Development

“Your Targabot is 'State of the Art' in targeting systems. It takes reactive and moving targets into a whole new dimension. Targabot is a 'MUST' for anyone who wants to develop the skills to shoot fast and accurately.”

Matt Seibert 
Insight Firearms Training Development 
Prescott, AZ

Allen County Sheriff's Department

“[The Targabot] is fun and engaging which is actually an underlying “ingredient” for successful training. If a student is engaged in a drill, wants to do their best or has an internal motivation to master a skill - that is where actual learning takes place. That is the part of the brain we try to reach that causes students to “revert to their training” on a subconscious level. We can’t get there if a student is just going through the motions, i.e., not engaged.”

Captain Shawn Lawhorn
Allen County Sheriff’s Department
Special Operations